Full range of performance demonstrations
with Mitsubishi Electric testing facilities

Mitsubishi Electric Transmission and Distribution Systems Center (TDSC) continuously innovates its testing facilities in order to ensure quality and reliability of power equipment with the slogan of "Power of Quality". Testing service can offer any customers who need variety of performance demonstrations, testing certificates and fundamental researches. Please choose Mitsubishi TDSC testing facilities in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of your electrical products.

Our service

1.Our service

  • High voltage and high power testing and witnessing services
  • Electrical transient phenomena analysis and technical consulting services
  • Vibration and seismic testing and mechanical performance analysis
  • High and low temperature testing, heat and fluid phenomena analysis


Accredited high voltage and high power laboratories according to ISO/IEC 17025 can issue certificated test reports.

Outline of testing facilities

High voltage and high power laboratories can perform dielectric and interruption performance of switchgears up to 1200/1100kV ratings in accordance with the latest international standards. In addition, large-scale climatic room can verify electrical and mechanical performance such as UHV switchgears, railway rolling stocks and engine systems at temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 ℃.

High Power Laboratoty (HPL)

High Power Laboratoty (HPL)

High power laboratory (HPL) can perform short-circuit tests and making and breaking tests for high-voltage circuit-breakers in accordance with various national and international standards.

  • Making and breaking tests of circuit-breakers up to 1200/1100 kV ratings
  • Short-time withstand current tests up to 200 kA
  • Arc tests
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High Voltage Laboratories (HVL)

High Voltage Laboratories (HVL)

High voltage laboratories (HVL) can perform high voltage & partial discharge tests for high-voltage switchgears under dry, wet and polluted conditions.

  • AC voltage withstand tests up to 2000/1500 kV
  • Lightning impulse voltage withstand tests up to 6000/5000 kV
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Seismic and Vibration Testing Station

Seismic and Vibration Testing Station

Horizontal-vertical biaxial tests can be performed to verify the vibration/seismic performance of power equipment and various products in accordance with international standards.

  • Seismic tests based on JIS, domestic and international standards such as IEEE 693
  • Transport simulation tests
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Climatic Room

Climatic Room

One of the world's largest climatic rooms can realize artificial weather conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -40 (blizzard) to 80 ℃ (desert) and snowfall/rainfall conditions. Current carrying and interruption tests can be also performed in the climatic room.

  • Heat cycle test between high temperature and low temperature (Change rates:
  • Snow fall and rain fall tests (Snow fall rates: 5 cm/h)
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High Voltage and High Power Testing Laboratories Certificate of Accreditation

High Voltage and High Power Testing Laboratories

ISO/IEC17025 Accreditation

High voltage and High power testing laboratories are accredited by Japan Accreditation Board (JAB) in accordance with ISO/IEO 17025. These laborities can issue a certificate test report with the ILAC-MRA logo. Mitsubishi Electric is a regular member of Short-circuit Testing Liaison (STL). We continuously improve our testing quality in conformity with updated STL guidelines.


Inquiry of high voltage testing

Mitsubishi-TDSC believes that our testing services can provide solutions to the technical challenge of clients. For your further assistance, please feel free to contact us.